20 thoughts on “How to Repair Electronics

  1. Good Video. I think wd-40 can remove the permanent marker. Just try a little bit first, then after you see wd-40 removes the permanent marker take the rest of it off. Thanks for the vids

  2. I've always struggled to understand the whole voltage/current thing with the water analogy. It causes confusion because the pressure and volume in a hose are directly related but in electronics this isn't the case?

  3. I remember Heath Kit! Yeah! made a walking robot with eletronic servos and radio control. Rechargeable nickle cad batteries and a tape recored to make the robot talk Too Cool! That was in 1970 or 71.

  4. Wait, so resistors make the voltage stronger? As he described with the thumb over the hose thing, he said the resistors are the thumb. It confused me.

  5. 12:20 Your explanation of voltage/current as analogous to pressure/flow of water is correct.

    A better comparison for a high flow / low pressure is say pulling the plug from a bathtub, it has a lot of water flowing but you can stop it with your hand. That's kind of analogous to a car battery which can supply tons of current but you can safely touch the terminals because of the low voltage, your skin can stop the current from flowing.

    A high pressure/low flow example can be a pressure washer or a garden hose with a sprayer – small amount of water but you cannot stop it. This is analogous to say the spark plug in a gas engine. It's a small current but it can penetrate a lot of insulating materials including even air.

  6. GeneSun, reading your comment brought to mind a story a workmate related one teabreak, his name was Bob Gunther, he rode professionally for Venom Vincent motorcycles in the seventies & was a typical mad rural Berkshire speed-freak..!!
    I don't know what it is, about these rural nutters & fast bikes or cars..?
    Maybe the deserted country roads..?? They have no 'off-button'…in fact he'd had so many bad smashes, he suffered some form of lukemia in latter years…!!
    Anyway, he was telling me a story about a well known parts shop in Reading town centre, the place was staffed by several old boys with incredible knowledge of all things 'bike' – but especially Vincent twins, the shop had the most reverential air about it – people would wait patiently in line – shuffling forward – thinking of their proposed question – not wanting to receive a 'raised eyebrow'….you know the score…
    The shop had glass cases forming the shop-counters, with bronze angles forming the case corners & edges, all very smart…
    These cases contained all manner of expensive components, many of them (rare,) original Vincent parts…..
    Saturday morning, he arrives at a counter, the shop packed…he spies a magneto which takes his interest…. choosing his moment, having asked for a specific part & the chap ready to trot off to the stockroom, he asks to see the magneto, it is duly handed to him….the assistant absent…he – and he doesn't know why – to this day – spins the cogged spindle between his fingers…!!!
    He receives one hell of a bolt – at which he drops the bastard through the counter…..glass everywhere….!!
    His face burned red – thirty-five years later – to even relate the tale to me…..
    I laughed like a drain, which was his desired response….. surely….??

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